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Participant Support

When you logged in for the first time you will have set your own personal password. Use your original Hogan User ID and new password to log back in.
Don’t panic, if you are kicked out of the assessment for any reason your responses are captured each time you move to the next page. You can then log back in and resume from the page you were last on (Having trouble logging back in? see FAQ 1/above)
Absolutely, we are pleased to say that the Hogan Assessments are compatible with an iPad.
As long as you haven’t missed too many questions for a scale the report can recalibrate accordingly. If you have missed too many questions it will not generate and be flagged as invalid. You will need to get a new User ID or have your User ID reset.

Client Support

Best to contact the Mentis Support Team (, there could be several reasons for this ranging from the wrong/old email address being set on the system that received the reports through to a misunderstanding or misrepresentation by the participant (they are meaning to get started but haven’t found the time yet). Our support team will be able to get to the bottom of it for you.
This can be changed at any time either through your HALO portal or by contacting the Mentis Support Team
The assessment website access is not blocked or restricted in any way, including in China, therefore a participant’s connectivity to the portal is determined by the network that they are on. Sometimes if the participant(s) are testing on their company’s network (or another companies network, such as in a Hotel) then they are more susceptible to security controls which may block or restrict their access. More often than not a successful solution is achieved by requesting the participant to access the assessment(s) on a different computer/network to resolve the issue. If the problem persists please contact our support team for immediate assistance.
The HPI, HDS and MVPI assessments are available for participants to complete in 45 languages. To view the available languages simply visit and review the drop down option.
Certainly, we recognise certification by all official Hogan Distributors situated around the world.
Firstly you must be certified in the Hogan assessments: Visit our shop Once certified we will create your account with us requiring you to complete a simple one page account form, nothing scary involved! We then create your own Online Hogan Portal on the main Hogan Administrative system, HALO. Our support team can manage this for you on your behalf or we can train you up in managing and administering your own account. There are no set up cost implications associated with both options.
For more information on report pricing please contact us at:

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