HoganSelect Identify candidates' work style, understand their core drivers, and recognize patterns of behavior that could get in their way.

HoganLead Give leaders a clear understanding of their performance capabilities, challenges, and drivers, and provide them the strategic self-awareness that makes good leaders great.

HoganDevelop Identify strengths, shortcomings, and values, and provide managerial tips to ensure that you get the most from your employees, and that they get the most out of their careers.

HoganConfigure A high-volume selection dashboard used to quickly identify talent that aligns with corporate competency models. By leveraging the Hogan Data Archive, Hogan Configure brings science to the world of competencies.

Hogan360 A comprehensive multi-rater feedback tool designed to help career-minded individuals and leaders at any level of an organisation gain a better understanding of how they are perceived by managers, peers, direct reports, and others.

HoganTeam The Hogan Team Report helps leaders understand their teams’ mix of strengths, weaknesses, and culture as well as identify and correct for potential fracture lines to maximise team performance.

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