To enable your goals and vision through evidence-based psychometric assessments, coaching and training for your key talents.

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Mentis is a leading provider of development services, including executive coaching, that can help your business develop the skills needed to run more successfully, more efficiently and more profitably. We offer a range of bespoke services and consultancy which are cost-effective for businesses of all sizes. We can help you to make the right hire, develop potential, and plan for effective succession leadership. Mentis provide a range of standalone services, services that build upon the knowledge gained through assessments and services that can be packaged together for a particular purpose.


Identify who should be promoted and who has potential to be best at the job through our Development Centre & Talent Reviews.


Engage and develop the talent of your people through coaching, self directed learning, webinars and 360 feedback.


Select the right person for the job & for the organisation through Individual Profiling, Assessment Centres & Competency Based Interviews.


Collaborate between people to enhance the team and organisation through Team Profiling & Team Development Workshops.


Invest in leadership skills and talents of your leaders enhanced through in-depth competency report, profiling and coaching.

Set yourselves apart from the competition

Stay ahead by selecting the right people from the start & investing in them.
Help them to develop, manage & lead to the best of their abilities...

Hogan Developmental Feedback Sessions

A 90-minute dedicated coaching session with a Hogan Consultant to explore the key themes, strengths, development opportunities and potential risks from the World-famous Hogan reports.

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360° Feedback Coaching & Development

Facilitated by a leadership expert coach, this interactive one-to-one session provides insights and guidance on the feedback from our 360-degree feedback tools – an essential part of the developmental cycle.

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Coaching Program

Experience a thought-provoking and creative coaching process, an ongoing professional relationship leading to individual transformational results in their lives, careers, business, or organizational role.

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Consulting Services

Take advantage of our expertise in assessment and development to determine and deliver: Competency Frameworks, Talent Reviews, Assessment & Development Centers, Case Study Exercises, Competency Based Interviews, Training, Team Facilitation and Leadership Development Programs.

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Design Services

Our experienced team will design customized frameworks, assessment exercises including case studies and competency based interview specific for your organization. We can also map your business competencies and design a custom report to fit your organization’s needs.

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Talent Reviews

A tailored solution to benchmark individuals, teams all the way up to large groups of high-potential candidates. Mentis conducts thousands of such Talent Reviews each year which typically include Competency Based Interview (CBI), personality profiling, assessment of judgement and reasoning.

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Network Centrality

Imagine two very different substances, graphite and diamond. At the atomic level, these two substances are identical, being composed of carbon. It is only when we consider the relationships between those carbon atoms that we have a fuller understanding of the properties of the final substance. The properties of organizations, like graphite and diamond, rely not only on the individual employee ‘atoms’, but also the working relationships and dynamics between them.

Network Centrality is a collection of statistical and graphical tools to observe your Organization’s informal network. It provides graphical and statistical insight into the opaque social ‘infrastructure’, highlighting areas that require improvement and increasing the efficiency and performance of the organization.

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