Over our track record, since 2003, Mentis has partnered with world-leading assessment and development providers to enable us to support your ambitions in attracting, assessing and developing professionals. All this is targeted to deliver our client's requirement of developing professionals and future leaders. 

Every year our consultants provide profiling assessment, feedback and coaching to thousands of the World’s high potential leaders. We provide solutions to several global hospitality, construction, project management and entertainment clients. We support hundreds of companies, government organisations and consultancies across the globe. Mentis prides itself on our long-term relationships with our clients and believes that thorough understanding of client’s needs enables us to support them effectively.

Personality & Cognitive Assessments

Using state-of-art personality and cognitive assessments, we help our clients get a clear understanding of the strengths and development needs of their talents and leaders.

Developmental Feedback & Coaching

We help our clients to optimise strengths and neutralise weaknesses of their leaders and key talents. Further meetings as required to reinforce development planning, implement the plan and to evaluate changes.

Review & Development Planning

A detailed report will describe the findings from the various sources of feedback and evidence. This report will include an in-depth recommended personal development plan in an agreed timescale.

Reporting, Analysis & Feedback

Mentis empower our clients with the impact of results of our assessment and development programs. Through data analysis of all diagnostics and custom reporting to ensure our clients a beneficial way forward.

How do we do it?

We envision stages and several phase approach to partner with our clients in delivering a World-class solution. We approach our client needs with an open mind, bringing the depth of experience they deserve. At Mentis, we are motivated to deliver innovate solutions to people issues – prepared to be inquisitive, to draw on our expertise, to act ethically, openly and honestly and to work hard to deliver our client's objectives.

Competency Mapping

We build competency profiles fully aligned to your organisation's competencies. We map all necessary diagnostics and build assessment matrix allowing confidence that your key talents and leaders are assessed consistently.

Business Simulations

Mentis has extensive experience in the use of business simulations. We assess talents through a timed case study exercise requiring them to use key cognitive skills in information processing, problem identification, decision-making & judgement ability.

Competency Based Interviews

We conduct Competency Based Interview to thousands of leaders worldwide each year to gather evidence on particular areas of competence of an individual aligning to the core competencies of your organisation.

Talent Review

Mentis has provided world class talent review solutions across many organisations helping them develop key talents and future leaders. A custom Talent Review Report will be generated following results of all diagnostics plus a development feedback session with our consultant.


Our customised reporting system offers complete flexibility with supporting the assessment and diagnostics process whether it be individual to management level. We offer both in-depth and bespoke reports to support the development needs of your organisation's key talents and leaders as well as complete data analysis for stakeholders.

Sample Reports for Individuals

Mentis have created a wide variety of individual feedback reports fully aligned to an organisation’s competency framework. These reports are fully branded and designed to meet your specific needs allowing total flexibility with the design as we collaborate with you during the creative process.

Sample Reports for Management & Stakeholders

Mentis conducts thorough analysis of all the assessment data from every program. This provides the organisation’s management and stakeholders with valuable information to greater support their talent within the organisation.

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