Provide your leaders with the ability to receive feedback from their colleagues to gain valuable insights on their key strengths as a leader and an understanding of their development opportunities. By using a custom 360° report, your leaders will be able to continue with professional development by gaining awareness of how their colleagues view their performance. An effective 360° can effectively help your organization's leaders to:

  • Encourage candid and honest communication between leaders, direct
    reports, colleagues and peers
  • Identify professional strengths and developmental opportunities
  • Improve leadership skills by increasing self-awareness of others’
    perceptions and observations of their performance

Why A Custom 360°?

Mentis understands that every organisation is different. We understand the importance of requiring leaders to function based on your organisation’s required behavioural competencies. Implementing a custom 360° is one of the most powerful ways to cultivate a culture of open and honest feedback which values and strives toward long term performance.

Be mapped and aligned to your organisation’s competency framework

Provide reports with key performance implications and development opportunities based on the candidate’s score

Set custom relationships within the 360° program

Be used in conjunction with, or independently of, the Hogan Assessments

Administered in multiple languages

Custom 360° Process Overview

Sample 360° Report

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