Network Centrality

The Mentis Network Centrality organizational development tool can help you understand all networks within your business.

Here’s How

Any organization can use Network Centrality as an innovative guide to increasing collaboration across the board. Network Centrality is a concept focused on complex networks, and it influences processes and behaviors through trend spreading and synchronization.

When used on the organizational level, it can help gather vital information about an organization’s systems and how they operate. At Mentis, we’ve developed a Network Centrality tool that lets you take advantage of these concepts and get essential insights about your entire organization.

Network Centrality Diagnosis Tool

At Mentis, we have experts in Network Centrality that have developed a comprehensive diagnostic tool. This organizational development system can accurately measure and visualize the level of collaboration in your organization and how your employees interact.

Every company needs to understand the structure of their organization and how it affects their progress. Things change quickly within a business. With this tool, you can track your organization’s inner activities and stay updated on your social network structures.

Organizational Network Analysis for Everyone

Only seasoned experts can truly grasp the full scope of Network Centrality and its reach. However, the process can be complicated, and it can last too long. We provide your managers with a Network Centrality tool that makes developing your organization and performing statistical analysis more manageable. At the same time, we offer wider consulting services on how to use this tool to help enhance your business results.

Our product lets you do graphical and statistical analysis of all the relationships and human networks within your workplace. You can get our Network Centrality tool as:

SaaS model solution

MRI Scan of your internal network connection

How Our Network Centrality Tool Can Help Your Development

Companies that want to develop better teamwork and improve their processes always face rejection from their team members. Simultaneously, going through development while maintaining day-to-day operations can get overwhelming.

Our Network Centrality software can enable you to deal with these issues and help you establish a healthy collaborative environment by:

Take participation at educative events tutored by experts according to the latest industry standards

Engaging employees in their work in all situations
Teaching your organization to adapt to new changes
Improving employee behavior by providing accurate assessments of their competencies
Improving skills such as goal-setting, planning, and listening
Focusing on leadership effectiveness, individual progress, and teamwork
Boosting morale and expanding the range of abilities of your employees
Supporting your key talent by promoting specific skill development
Building a culture of leadership

Utilize Our Knowledge in Network Centrality

Tap into this powerful solution and feel the power of Network Centrality at your fingertips. Innovate and collaborate!

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