Regional IT Consultancy firm in Europe: Concerns with sales growth

What was the challenge?

The organization was undergoing a change initiative and there was concern from Senior management about how the departments were dealing with the change together, which included indicators of decreasing sales. The Managing Director wanted greater understanding into the structure and network of the team and was delighted ONA (organizational network analysis) could provide this insight.

How did we help?

  • ​Used Network Centrality to better understand the network dynamics within the organsation
  • Identified a strong lack of collaboration within the Business Development team and a strong desire for members of this department to work not only individually but even close to isolation
  • Identified a disconnect between the R&D team and the rest of the business. This fragmentation in the network suggests that the R&D will be missing the best initial source of understanding client needs and client feedback available to them = their own colleagues who are interacting directly with the clients on a daily basis
  • Female colleagues communicated three times as much as their Male colleagues. Therefore, the Female employees were more important to effective functioning of the communication and collaboration network.

What was the outcome?

  • Change of policies to facilitate more collaborative sales targets and rewards
  • Common sense interventions introduced such as inter department ‘open problem’ sessions
  • Identified change agents within the network to champion and drive the initiative for greater collaboration and sharing of customer insight

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