Mentis Bureau Service

We provide value-added administration and support services to our clients as an alternative to those who are unable to manage their assessments directly. Enjoy a smooth and hassle-free management of assessments through our bureau service.

Our Global Support Team is available from Sundays – Fridays, up to 15-hours a day to support your requirement.

HALO Administration

HALO – Hogan’s administrative platform. HALO is an integral link connecting your company to Hogan by streamlining the assessment process and maximizing your use of everything Hogan has to offer.

  • Streamlines the assessment process and help maximize the utilization of Hogan reports.
  • Provides your company the flexibility to customize report groups to meet the needs of your business and track each participants’ assessment progress.
  • Designed to provide all of our clients, both global and domestic, the ability to manage their assessment needs according to their own business schedule.
  • The HALO system is customer oriented and user friendly.

Please note that getting a HALO account is subject to credit and financial arrangements based on the status of the client.

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