Board Advisory Services

Board Advisory Services

Boards and individual directors face many challenges on a daily basis.
We help facilitate the Boards discussion on creating long term value and the
collaboration with their talent to achieve success

Improve your board’s strategy and expand its agility in no time!

Boards and directors running modern businesses have their work cut out for them. In an increasingly interconnected business environment, we’re facing an abundance of new challenges as well as opportunities.

Mentis consultants advice and facilitate discussion at both Board and individual Executive level to create solutions for the most diverse and complex talent challenges.

Why should we hire board advisors?

Hiring professional board advisers helps business leaders manage more, improve their overall efficiency, and make informed decisions regarding issues outside of their area of expertise. This adds to the board’s overall agility and opens new avenues to success.

Professional board advisors can help create locked-in strategies, improve decision-making timing and precision, and create an impartial observer who can analyze the current board performance.

As you can see, having a team of professional board advisors can help in various situations. We focused on mentioning more large scale situations where having professional advisors is essential, but having them on retinue can help manage day-to-day tasks.

Here is a comprehensive list of the things that professional board advisors can help you with:

Current talent assessment and analytics

Advisory role on performance improvement through the use of modern HR tech

Suggestions regarding product/service improvement

Professional advice on talent development strategies

Creating, planning, and execution of talent growth programs

Prepare company executives for business transformation

Review organization structure

Design competency framework based on your company’s mission and values

Evaluate acquisition, integration, change management via network analysis

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Whether you are trying to breach into a new market or want to revamp the way your board is functioning, Mentis has got your back!

We have experience working with businesses from various niches, and our innovative approach allows us to adapt to any environment. We provide honest and straightforward assistance regardless of the situation, which can become quite an asset for a struggling company. We’re also here to help you create a competitive edge for your band and stabilize your market role in the eyes of your customers as well as competitors.

Feel free to contact us so we can go through the issues you are facing, and we can start working on an approach that helps your business reach success.

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