Competency Development

Competency Development

Is your team as effective as it can be? Competency development can save the day!
Find out how Mentis can help you close skill gaps and boost performance.

Expand your team’s skills and boost performance

Do you have a competency model for all your company’s roles? Do your employees know what skills, knowledge, and aptitude they need to efficiently and effectively perform at their jobs? Do they clearly understand what it takes to be successful in their roles? It may seem challenging to measure certain skills within your organization, such as how well your employees are collaborating, and if they have good leadership skills. However, that’s what you need to do to boost efficiency and performance.

What Is Competency Development?

Competency development involves creating a model that defines all the skills, knowledge, and aptitude necessary for performing in various job roles. Once you have the right model, you can assess your employees to uncover all their strengths and weaknesses. You can see who is excelling at the job and who may need your assistance in terms of additional training and talent development. Apart from using your competency model in talent management and performance reviews, you can also use it in recruitment. That way, you can better define roles and find ideal candidates who match your unique model.

The Benefits of Competency Development

Some of the most vital benefits of competency development include:

Defining the roles
in your organization

Setting expectations regarding key knowledge and skills

Identifying and
closing skill gaps

Developing talent
in your company

Building future leaders

Increasing efficiency
and performance

Aligning performance with
your organizational goals

Creating a happy and
productive workplace

Improving your
bottom line

All of this relieves the pressure on the management and HR of the company, creating space for improved maneuverability.

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Here at Mentis, we believe that psychometric surveys are some of the best tools for evaluating employees’ aptitude and skills. We can provide you with our Mentis talent psychometric surveys for all your competency development needs. We also offer a premium Talent MAP platform for visualizing your data in talent recruitment and assessment, as well as top-of-the-line Mentis 360 solutions. You can also benefit from our Network Centrality services for building people networks and our internationally-recognized certification and training courses.

Are you interested in our psychometric assessments or other diagnostics tools? Would you like us to be your long-term partner in talent management and competency development? Then subscribe to one of our product plans or reach out for any further questions you may have. Contact us today, and let’s empower your team together!

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