Gulf based insurance company: Evidence based succession planning


Our client provides insurance for export and investment for Islamic countries according to the Shari’ah principles.

What was the challenege?

Our client needed our support to help them retain talent by designing a Leadership Development Program for existing, new, and potential managers. They needed our support in creating a fit for purpose competency framework and conducting personality assessments. This enabled them to review the existing competencies of employees and how well aligned this was to their existing job roles.

How did you help?

  • Insight for the CEO and senior stakeholders on the succession strength within the organization
  • Competency framework to determine the characteristics of each position within the organization 
  • A network of 66 people took part in Network Centrality
  • Measurement of capabilities and personality traits aligned to the competency framework
  • Personal Development Plans (PDPs)
  • Individual coaching and feedback sessions for participants

How was the outcome?

  • Highlighted strong, influential leaders as part of the succession planning research using results from Network Centrality data
  • Our client felt we brought rigor to the end-to-end process
  • More informed decision making related to succession planning
  • Expansion into a series of leadership transformation workshops
  • Network Centrality ‘Essential’ plan for ongoing insight and tracking of the organizations evolving network and strength of Social Capital
  • Measure ongoing ROI of focused interventions within the Network