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Investing in employee development is essential in modern business. Suppose you want your employees to thrive and propel your business to another level, you have to enable them with the right knowledge and skills. This is where Mentis can help.

With our online employee development programs, and certification training, we can help you deliver the right knowledge in a fun and engaging way. At the same time, we give you the verified certifications for your employees and leaders to empower them as professionals.

What Mentis Academy Brings to Your Team

No matter if you need individual or team development, we have versatile programs that will boost your training efforts. Through live tutoring by many experts and various training modules, your personnel can absorb knowledge at their convenience.

We understand that theory is not enough for retaining knowledge. This is why all of our courses and modules come with assignments and collaborative workgroups where employees can test what they’ve learned. This helps you see the results of our training efforts and put the newly acquired skills to the test.

We can accommodate our services to different time zones to fit in with your schedule. At the end of it all, your team will receive CPD accreditation as proof of your success.

Network Centrality Certification

Bringing everyone on board with your training and new business incentives is essential. To ensure a high level of collaboration, we offer you a series of Network Centrality workshops. Our professional Network Centrality Experts will guide you through 4 essential modules. The Network Centrality Foundation Certificate provides you with a firm foundation in the interpretation and application of Organizational Network Analysis (ONA), the collective relationship resources of an organization (Social Capital), and an individual’s impact and influence (Social Quotient).

Through these modules, you will learn how people work within your organization and understand their interactions. Simultaneously, the course enables you to identify the right talent, adjust management, and engage the right people for a successful organization. You may visit to understand more about the tool and how it can help organizations on change management, talent identification, diversity and inclusion, engagement and succession planning.

Hogan Certification

Our Hogan Certification workshop empowers organizations to provide and analyze Hogan Primary Assessments – Hogan Personality Inventory (HPI), Hogan Development Survey (HDS), and Motives, Values, Preferences Inventory (MVPI) . Mentis offers you the Hogan Certification Workshop focused on analyzing and implementing proper development surveys, personality inventory, and forming values and motives across the organization.

You will learn through a series of virtual modules facilitated by our experienced Hogan Consultants, and also engage in e-learning and coursework to deepen your interpretation and application skills. In the certification course, we provide participants with the professional qualification required to administer, interpret and deliver feedback using the Hogan primary assessments to present ways in which the instruments add value for selection and development.

Build Your Knowledge From Within

We understand the demands and needs of modern business organizations. Through our online training modules, you can instantly gain access to certified training courses and modules that give you customized and focused knowledge.

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