Network Centrality - 1 Foundation Certificate Course

How individuals and organizations collaborate: Exploring patterns of communication, collaboration and trust between individuals and teams is the starting point to understanding the dynamics within any network.

3 interactive workshops

2.5 hours per workshop.

1 workshop per week

Total study time of up to 10 hours for the entire course.


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Course delivered in business English.

Foundation Level

No prior knowledge required.

Case Studies

Learn with others to explore topics.


Network Centrality® is a next generation organizational development system that visualises and measures employee collaboration and sentiment to drive greater performance. Our Foundation Certificate in Network Centrality® is designed to explore the fundamentals of Social & Organizational Network Analysis (SONAR), so that you and your organization can build powerful people networks.

Module 1 – Background & Foundation of Network Centrality

  • Explore and influence the patterns of communication, collaboration and trust between individuals and teams through the power of Social & Organizational Network Analysis (SONAR).

Module 2 – Social Capital

  • Learn how to measure and understand the networked nature of personal relationships, building trust, respect and collaboration – leading to enhanced performance and other important outcomes.

Module 3 – Social Quotient 

  • Understand more about how we measure an individual’s contribution and influence to a network through the 5 CORAL metrics.


Metrics to evaluate Social Quotient (SQ)

Mentis defines five powerful indicators of a person’s contribution to a people network.


Consultancies providing Network Centrality solutions

Join our growing group of solution providers delivering insights across continents.


Metrics to evaluate Social Capital

Mentis identifies three major indicators of the power and integrity of an entire people network.


Certified Practitioners

Cours Coverage


Workshop 1

Background & Introduction to Network Centrality


Enabling Objectives

Learning Outcomes

Understanding the importance of Organizational Networks, and be able to interpret the SONAR chart.


Workshop 2

Social Capital


Enabling Objectives

Learning Outcomes

Understanding how Social Capital can be utilized and applied for Organizational change and other projects.


Workshop 3

The Social Quotient


Enabling Objectives

Learning Outcomes

Understanding how the Social Quotient can be used to identify and develop talent, leaders,high potentials, and change agents.

Course Schedules

Asia Timezone

  • Riyadh

    10:00 hrs – 12:30 hrs

  • Dubai

    11:00 hrs – 13:30 hrs

  • Mumbai

    12:30 hrs – 15:00 hrs

  • Bangkok

    14:00 hrs – 16:30 hrs

  • Shanghai

    15:00 hrs – 17:30 hrs

  • Singapore

    15:00 hrs – 17:30 hrs

Course Schedule

Zoom webinar

Thu 15 June - Thu 22 June 2023

Module 1 – 15th June

Module 2 – 20th June

Module 3 – 22nd June

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Course Schedule

Zoom webinar

Mon 17 July - Wed 19 July 2023

Module 1 – 17th July

Module 2 – 18th July

Module 3 – 19th July

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Course Schedule

Zoom webinar

Thu 17 Aug - Thu 24 Aug 2023

Module 1 – 17th August

Module 2 – 22nd August

Module 3 – 24th August

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Course Schedule

Zoom webinar

Thu 14 Sep - Thu 21 Sep 2023

Module 1 – 14th September

Module 2 – 19th September

Module 3 – 21st September

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European Timezone

  • New York

    08:30 hrs – 11:00 hrs

  • Sao Paulo (April-October)

    09:30 hrs – 12:00 hrs

  • London

    13:30 hrs – 16:00 hrs

  • Berlin

    14:30 hrs – 17:00 hrs

  • Athens

    15:30 hrs – 18:00 hrs

Course Schedule

Zoom webinar

Thu 27 July - Mon 31 July 2023

Module 1 – 27th July

Module 2 – 28th July

Module 3 – 31st July

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Course Schedule

Zoom webinar

Wed 23 Aug - Wed 30 Aug 2023

Module 1 – 23rd August 

Module 2 – 29th August

Module 3 – 30th August

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Course Schedule

Zoom webinar

Tue 5 Sep - Tue 12 Sep 2023

Module 1 – 5th September

Module 2 – 7nd September

Module 3 – 12th September

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Kisko Apeles

Kisko Apeles

Head of Technology & Data Science

Kisko Apeles transforms data into powerful visualizations and builds models that lead to actionable insights. He leads a team of technologists to continuously deliver solutions while collaborating with partners and customers. Internally, he enables collaboration from every corner of the organization and maximizes the use of technology, with continuous improvement (Kaizen) in mind, to accelerate operations and design more effective and efficient systems. He strategizes with the organization and ensures that goals and processes are aligned across the whole organization.

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Sample FAQ 1

OCEANS is an overall measure of human personality developed by Mentis that provides insight into an individual’s stable patterns of thoughts, feelings and behaviors. OCEANS combines established personality theory with nuanced developments unique to Mentis, to create a comprehensive view of one’s traits that reflect workplace behavior. This can subsequently predict workplace performance and identifies distinguishable strengths between individuals to inform talent and change management decisions, alongside development at a team and individual level. 

Sample FAQ 2

Mentis OCEANS has been built on the foundations of highly standardised and validated models of personality which are widely regarded to be the most robust empirical frameworks of personality. Mentis OCEANS is designed to be contextually relevant, meaning it has been aligned with organisational needs. Items in Mentis OCEANS have been developed from the International Personality Item Pool (IPIP), which is an open resource containing over 3000 personality items measuring a wide variety of constructs . 

Sample FAQ 3

Participants taking Mentis OCEANS need to allow between 35-45 minutes to complete the survey

Sample FAQ 4

Dedicated administrator access provided to you, our customer success team work closely with you to train and demonstrate how to use the intuitive system for setting up projects and inviting participants through automated email to complete Mentis OCEANS. Participants take the survey online and the output is automatically generated. Results can be delivered to you to distribute to participants, or to participants directly.

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Once a participant has completed Mentis OCEANS, results are automatically available to view in the dashboard of Talent MAP. 

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