Talent Assessment

At Mentis®, we offer intricate and predictive testing methods that have been refined over decades. A person’s suitability for a given organisational role can be determined through an accurate reading of their judgement, cognitive ability and problem-solving abilities.

Interview-based evaluations can determine the personality types of actual and potential employees, revealing how they are likely to act in ideal situations as well as in stressful ones. We can also provide candid feedback on attitude, behaviour and performance, revealing how any individual within the organisation is truly perceived by their peers, as well as their managers and subordinates.

Our comprehensive talent assessment services allow you to identify key team members whose expertise drives your company forward, then re-organise your department’s workflow to maximise their impact.

With clear and detailed custom reports, you’ll be able to assemble a capable team whose members will bring out each other’s strengths, and work efficiently together toward shared goals.

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