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The business world is often surprising and always changing. A person may be skilled at completing their stated job responsibilities under controlled conditions, but when these give way to the full complexity of real-world decision-making, people tend to respond very differently. Management dilemmas, problem-solving situations, the need to act on incomplete information – all of these circumstances require the kind of sound reasoning skills that are difficult to perceive until they are put to the test.

At Mentis®, we offer intricate and predictive testing methods that have been refined over decades. With an accurate reading of a person’s judgment, cognitive ability and problem-solving abilities, their suitability for a given organisational role can be determined. It is, after all, better for a person to receive their first test in a simulated situation rather than in the real world, where the stakes are much higher.

Types of Assessment

Mentis® provides empirical and systematic assessment systems. Our case studies and simulations mirror aspects of the real working environment, and are therefore able to produce detailed findings on the tendencies and abilities of a given candidate.

Three distinct types of reasoning tests can help employers determine which candidates are right for a given position, in order to save considerable time and money in the long run.

HBRI: The Hogan Business Reasoning Inventory focuses on the participant’s ability to evaluate data sets in the context of problem-solving and decision-making. The test scores subjects on their tactical and strategic reasoning in cases where complete information may or may not be available. Proper analysis of HBRI scores can give employers a valuable window into how a candidate will approach problems and make business-critical decisions.

Matrigma: This assessment focuses on the subject’s cognitive ability within the realms of problem-solving, planning and drawing logical conclusions. These skills are especially relevant for those in managerial or specialist positions, while the test itself is a strong predictor of both positive and negative work-related behaviours.

Business reasoning case study: These assessments simulate real-world business scenarios in order to test an individual’s skills under pressure in the areas of decision-making, management, analytics, delivery and evaluation. The case studies for the purpose of assessment are available as online and offline options.

Towards Effective Company Leadership

Without a common and objective standard of measurement, it is hard for an organisation to decide who its decision-makers should be. Our reasoning tests, whether bespoke or off the shelf, offer clear evaluations of speed, accuracy, learning styles and problem-solving skills. With the information they provide, your company can measure its current and potential talent in a way that is fast, convenient and affordable.

HBRI Sample Questions

Matrigma Sample Questions

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