We live in a data-driven world, with some businesses riding the analytics revolution to spectacular success. But the entire concept depends on making this information readable and accessible, filtering out what is unimportant, and finding useful patterns in the data points that truly matter.

Clear and concise reports can help businesses take the pulse of their organisation, and make informed decisions with confidence.

Knowledge is Power

Qualtrics is the world’s best software engine for compiling data from multiple sources to produce visually impactful reports. Our Qualtrics-powered reporting provides custom individual reports providing your colleagues with powerful and meaningful insight from the assessment output.

Qualtrics combines multiple sources of diagnostic activity information into one succinct reporting output which is entirely aligned to the relevant competencies and allows for the following:

  • Fully-branded, fully-editable custom reports.
  • Crisp, clear reports on individuals and teams.
  • Dynamic reporting that allows an individual’s report to evolve and expand with additional assessment data as well as focused development points following feedback and coaching sessions.
  • A regular summary of key data, presented in a visually appealing and easy-to-understand way.

Our Qualtrics reports make comprehensive individual assessment data accessible allowing your business to develop actionable steps forward with colleagues, forming the basis of an effective feedback and development phase.

Subsequent efforts can be monitored in real-time from our dashboard, Talent MAP®, which combines information into a single database to provide a comprehensive picture of your talent landscape. Internal and external benchmarking, along with identification of trends and pressure points through customisable analysis, can help your business stay on track as it moves toward its long-term goals.

The combination of all personal and organisational data we call the talent quotient (TQ).

Mentis® dashboard: Real-time reporting

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