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Network Centrality™​

360-degree Feedback

360-degree feedback: Reputation matters!

What we think of ourselves, and what others think of us, can often be markedly different. For candid feedback on attitude, behaviour and performance, our 360o tool can reveal how any individual within the organisation is truly perceived by their peers, as well as their managers and subordinates.

With easy-to-read personal feedback processed and delivered in real time, Mentis® 360o provides a fully personalised evaluation that highlights strengths as well as areas for improvement. We also offer specific, actionable recommendations on how to make the necessary adjustments for more effective leadership performance.

Dependable assessment expertise

A common set of core assessment criteria forms the basis of this measurement and evaluation tool. These key leadership metrics have proven their utility over decades of application, giving clients the clarity they need to find a balance within all the relevant areas of their personality and behaviour.

The standardisation of evaluation criteria allows benchmark evaluations against international norms. It also brings objectivity into the process, helping to ensure that future testing can measure improvement accurately.

Tailor the 360-degree process to your business

Our evaluation process can be mapped and aligned to your organisation’s competency framework, allowing the creation of custom 360o feedback reports. When the surveys are filled out and collected, they are put through an analytics process by our dedicated 360o project manager. Each participant then receives a personalised report, which is then incorporated into a 90-minute developmental feedback session conducted by a Mentis® leadership development coach.

This carefully designed process is ideal for helping leaders and future leaders recognise how they are perceived by the people around them, and leveraging that information to support the organisation’s most pressing needs and issues. This comparative analysis defines a clear direction toward the ideal path of adjustment, giving your organisation the leadership it needs to reach even greater heights.

Network centrality™: The Organisational Power of Social Networks

What if you could x-ray your organisation to see how it really functions?

Every organisation has its formal structure, but its leaders may be less aware of the equally important informal structure that guides information flow through the normal course of its operations.

Network Centrality™ measures the power of your networks, exploring social and organisational network structures. The process begins with a short questionnaire that takes only 5-10 minutes for a smaller network to complete. While 360o feedback measures a single person’s functional connections, Network Centrality™ measures the entire network (the social capital) and how its individual participants interconnect (the social quotient, or SQ).

By providing a clearer picture of communication patterns and the most important people at all levels of the organisation, Network Centrality™ represents an invaluable tool for organisational development. Network Centrality™ can highlight inefficiencies in structure, misallocation of company resources, and hidden talent. Armed with this new and powerful insight, business leaders can create informed and impactful interventions and strategies.

The analytical approach

The organisation’s internal goals are compared with the actual data collected through the Network Centrality™ process. Graphical and statistical analysis then follows, along with special tools to chart the course toward a more efficient solution for the organisation.

For clear understanding and easy implementation, clients receive maps of their employee networks and social capital reports, as well as individual SQ metrics for each employee.

Finding the hidden value in your organisation

Network Centrality™ is of particular use to companies which face organisational difficulties, but aren’t entirely sure what the nature of the problem is or its cause. As a diagnostic tool, or an organisational health check, the procedure can be deployed as a periodic test of internal balance.

Network Centrality™ can also help organisations track their employee networks over time, in order to observe the impact of changes newly implemented by management. It can therefore function as a benchmarking metric to determine the efficiency of ongoing procedures in the organisation.

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