Talent Quotient

Management and leadership are sometimes seemingly impossible tasks: to oversee everything in their area of influence and guide it towards greater efficiency over time. The difficulty lies in understanding how to make the best possible use of the resources at hand, given that the most crucial information is contained within the minds of their workforce and talent pool, and therefore hidden from view.

A challenging set of questions soon comes into view, such as:
  • What are the real talents and capabilities of your team members?
  • How well will they be able to work together on a project?
  • Will their personalities clash, or complement each other?
  • How will they perform under pressure?
  • Which team members are most skilled at planning and problem-solving?
  • Have you organized the office and workflow process to maximize efficiency?

X-ray Your Organisation

Mentis®’s comprehensive set of tools and resources use advanced data collection and analytics techniques to make this information accessible to those in leadership positions. From psychometric testing to network analysis, we provide the management equivalent of an x-ray to let you see underneath the surface of your organisation.

Our comprehensive talent assessment services allow you to identify key team members whose expertise drives your company forward, then re-organise your department’s workflow to maximise their impact. With clear and detailed custom reports, you’ll be able to assemble a capable team whose members will bring out each other’s strengths, and work efficiently together toward shared goals.

Mapping Your Progress

All types of projects receive a superb level of involvement and clarity throughout the process. Project trackers, progress reports, meetings, updates and project management tools bring full transparency, accountability, and the secure knowledge that deadlines are being met.

Whatever the scale and scope of the project, the success of the outcome is proportional to the focus of planning and execution that goes into it.

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