Train the Trainer

Leaders set the tone for the organisation, influencing both the values and the direction for the entire team. Internal leaders, trainers, mentors and coaches must therefore always be on the same page, effectively communicating the company’s intended message to new and veteran employees alike.

Errors, inconsistencies, bias, and substandard training methods can each prove costly for the organisation, limiting the potential productivity and synergy of the workforce as a whole.

Towards a Higher Training Standard

The Mentis® train-the-trainer approach is for HR leaders and practitioners, consultants, psychologists in business, coaches, and anyone responsible for organisational development.

Reliable measurement and coaching skills can help your business ensure that effective, consistent practices are used internally to assess and develop talent. By standardising your talent assessment techniques, your team will be able to meet sensible pre-defined competency benchmarks, putting in place a strong foundation for healthy growth over the years to come.

Custom Programmes for Improved Performance

All effective trainers adapt their techniques to suit the particular needs of the group. We follow this same flexible philosophy, offering a wide range of standard or bespoke training programs that run from 0.5 day to 3 days in length.

We train and certify practitioners as well as experts in the Mentis® core service areas, focusing on improving the quality and accuracy of decision-making for optimum results. Our training modules can be delivered in-company for your convenience.

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