Assessment and

Development Centers

It is vital for organizations to keep track of the skills and performance of their leaders and key talent over time. The assessment and development centers at Mentis® work as an independent source of talent measurement for organizations large and small. We provide tailored reports and feedback on key performance indicators including the results of personality tests, business simulations, competency-based interviews, and group exercises.

Dedicated feedback sessions then highlight the key focus areas for the individual captured within a personal development plan, executed through coaching and workshops. Mentis® has partnered with leading assessment providers around the world since 2003, to improve leadership performance through close evaluation and custom-designed growth initiatives.

From personal evaluation to actionable feedback

During the assessment phase, we align the structure of the competency profiles to your organizational goals. Our tests are standardized, producing a consistency in measurement that allows dependable comparison between individuals, as well as a reliable measurement of one person’s change over time.

We then produce a personal development plan for each individual based on the data collected, in collaboration with the individual, and implement that plan over an agreed timescale.

Your resource for comprehensive leadership training

Specializing in both personal assessment and training, Mentis® is the ideal choice for a talent evaluation and improvement project that seamlessly covers all the key elements. Our state-of-the-art testing procedures can identify strengths and weaknesses well below the surface, shining a light on potential danger points within your organization.

Our certified experts then work alongside you to bring your key personnel back into balance with the values of your team, improving their effectiveness and pointing the way forward for your company.

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