Competency-based interviews ensure that your recruitment process selects the most suitable candidates for open positions, by focusing on your company’s key needs as well as the personality types that will result in a good fit with your team. At Mentis®, we train your HR employees to ask the right questions during an interview, giving them the tools to assess candidates’ character traits, work styles, motivating forces, and personal values.

With our thorough, standardised approach, like-for-like comparisons between potential employees becomes possible. Measured analysis allows your team to consciously select the candidates that represent the best fit for specific roles within your company.

Performance Begins with the Right Personality

Our tailored interview questions, combined with advanced personality assessment tools, can recognise the type of work behaviour each candidate is likely to bring to the company. We can help your HR team identify the dominant personality drivers of a given candidate, and how those qualities are likely to affect their work as well as their peer relationship with the other members of your team.

Armed with this valuable insight, you can improve your hiring procedure, increase productivity, and positively impact the bottom line.

Conduct a Successful Interview – Every Time

The job interview itself is a key moment, not just for your company’s relationship with the candidate, but also for its relationship with the outside world. Your interviewer represents the face of your company, giving an impression which will likely be shared with outsiders. It is therefore essential to conduct interviews professionally, leaving candidates satisfied with the friendliness and organisational integrity shown by your HR team.

Our interview training module shows how to create a comfortable, positive experience for job candidates. This approach lets candidates be themselves for the purpose of evaluation, and leaves them with the right impression about your organisation.

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