Learning and development focused

When facing new, challenging and stressful situations for the first time, individuals and businesses often fail. But what if those real-life scenarios could be played out in advance and used as opportunities for learning?

Mentis® implements business simulations individually tailored to each client, setting up problematic scenarios that require creative solutions. These online simulations can be administered to individuals, teams in isolation, or teams competing against each other. Each simulation is designed to test your responses to a range of business situations, developing your competence so that you will be able to meet the challenge head-on under real-world conditions.

Problem-Solving Under Difficult Conditions

During the planning stages of any project, many managers assume that their company or department will progress smoothly toward their own optimistic vision of the eventual outcome. But few plans are perfect, and there are likely to be many setbacks and failures during the course of any complex operation.

Practice improves performance in all areas of business. When a critical moment arrives, clear and decisive action is called for – but this response requires confidence and preparation at the leadership level.

Our suite of business simulations will familiarise you with potential difficulties you will face, helping you to test your organisational tolerance by failing in a safe environment. By gaining valuable experience through simulation, you can plan better and take swift and effective action when these challenges arise during the course of your real business operations.

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