Individual Coaching

A well-balanced, positive approach to work and interpersonal communication is essential for both the current and future leaders of your organisation. Using empirically-tested methods, our one-on-one coaching gives your key managers and colleagues the skillset they need to realise their full potential.

Our world-class Mentis® coaching team has experience working with many of the world’s leading brands, to help their employees take the initiative and get results.

Coaching and its Multiplier Effect

Individual coaching can help improve job performance, but its benefits also extend far beyond these direct effects. Many companies end up hiring for top roles externally – a potentially costly endeavour – because they lack the necessary confidence to promote members of their existing workforce.

By developing internal talent and preparing employees for greater responsibility, your organisation can show by example that promotions are possible through hard work and personal development. If handled correctly, such developments can boost morale and satisfy a desire among the workforce to improve their abilities through further training.

Reaching Your Professional Goals

From recently hired employees struggling with the onboarding process, to veteran team members seeking to expand their range of abilities, the Mentis®-certified coaches will work one-on-one to help them achieve their professional goals. We can assist with stress management, teamwork skills, personality training, and a host of other challenges to help people get to the next stage of their career.

We can support your key talent as they move toward a focused individual development plan, keeping them in alignment with the business objectives agreed upon with stakeholders.

Our individual coaching services can be delivered either online or at your place of business, for your convenience.

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