Providing Feedback

Detailed personal assessments are an essential step toward improvement, but the lessons they reveal must also be individually communicated to each employee, and then turned into clear action plans for further development.

The most sensitive and delicate part of this process involves providing direct and honest feedback in a way that it will be accepted and endorsed by the participants themselves. By taking a constructive, engaging approach to the feedback session, you’ll be able to orient your team toward positive and realistic goals of genuine self-improvement for the benefit of the organisation as a whole.

Interpretation and Implementation

As a leader, you’ll need the ability to sort through the assessment data and identify the main lessons and action points for each employee. The employee, in turn, will need to also internalise these same messages. Our feedback training program focuses on each of these key transition points, using best practice methods to preserve essential information while also presenting it in a form that will resonate.

Upon completion of this training program, you will have the skills to effectively debrief each member of your workforce, helping them see the personal adjustments that are necessary, and the clear steps they need to take to reach their new goals. The road to real improvement within an organisation begins here, with a positive, motivated response to personal feedback as the fuel that will drive the company’s internal engine forward.

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