Team Coaching

Successful teamwork depends on a unified vision of the desired outcome as well as a shared support network for efficient execution of the tasks ahead. Teams need to have a clear understanding of company values, and be in good communication to ensure that they are able to achieve synergy in pursuit of common goals.

We help you collectively develop the skills needed to succeed, as well as the right strategy for meeting and exceeding your objectives.

Meeting the Tough Challenges Together

Coaching can be valuable at many different career stages, or to address specific work-related challenges. We help you defuse internal conflict and adapt to change, particularly among teams that are new or have recently had a change in leadership.

Beyond specific skill development, we also help build a culture of leadership, from first line junior supervisors through to senior executives.

World-Class Coaching

Mentis® coaches are certified by the International Coach Federation (ICF), the recognised leading accreditor of professional coaches. We use the ICF framework, focusing on 11 competences to support the personal development of your employees. Our coaches are also accredited with the British Psychological Society (BPS) and the Association for Coaching (AC).

We can handle the whole process either on-site or at an external venue.

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