Team Workshop


A motivated and well-organised team should perform much better than the sum of its parts. Real communication and support will lead to a combination of talents and personalities that raise the quality and speed of output for everybody involved. At the same time, the shared experience of a successful effort brings co-workers together, improving morale, team spirit, and belief in company goals.

Mentis® team workshops focus on collaborative projects to break the ice within a team and inspire a collective sense of purpose. By practising the key skills and techniques necessary for effective teamwork, our workshops will have your team ready for action when the real test comes.

Skill-Based Development Activities

We bring out the best in your team by presenting them with a series of entertaining challenges whose solutions require skills such as collaboration, creativity, innovation, strategic thinking, and much more. Teams will have the benefit of working together without the stress of real-world deadlines and consequences, so that they can learn to work together under ideal conditions.

Each project is followed by a debriefing period in which our facilitator will lead a conversation about the lessons learned by each team, and how to apply them in the workplace for best results.

Custom Training


Our workshop leaders will prepare activities to reflect your specific organisational values and needs, so that your team can focus on developing the ideal set of skills and techniques for your company goals.

With a variety of indoor and outdoor activities available, we can empower your team’s cooperative ability while maintaining a light, easy atmosphere that participants will enjoy.

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