Talent MAP™

Visualise Your Talent Data
No matter how complex or fragmented your HR data,
Talent MAP saves you time by processing and presenting
your talent records
(assessments, KPIs, behavioural)
in a fully customisable dashboard.

Talent MAP™: Library Samples

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A Blueprint for Management

Succession Planning

How to address a leadership vacuum

Identify the hidden gems and future leaders in your organisation.

Visualise Talent for Development

Tracking your talent needn't be so overwhelming

Talent MAP™ analyses data from multiple file formats, sorts it into categories and presents it as clear visuals on a user-friendly dashboard.

Visualise Talent for Recruitment

Easily compare talent and report on trends

Talent MAP™ makes it easy to screen candidates by test results, and compare individual scores against their cohort and benchmarks.

Clean Up Your Talent Data Records

Tackle complex CSV files & fragmented records

Improve organisational intelligence: our customised dashboard reduces the time spent on analysis and admin of talent profiles, and makes reporting a breeze.

Organisational Intelligence at Your Fingertips

Visualise your talent data

The skills and training of your workforce, their current projects and output, their personality traits and motivation levels – all this and more must be carefully considered if managers are to get the most out of their people.

Presented on an interactive and fully customisable dashboard, Talent MAP™ organises this data into clean categories, sorts it in terms of importance and presents it simply in a single location, letting you identify and isolate the key lessons for implementation.

Our software can help you identify important connections that may be missed during manual review, potentially pointing you to inefficiencies in management where return on investment has been under-utilised. By harnessing data effectively through our system, all the internal workforce information you need to lead a successful team will be right at your fingertips.

Talent MAP™

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