Visualise Talent


The larger the company, the more difficult it can be to keep track of your talent. The skills and training of your workforce, their current projects and output, their personality traits and motivation levels – all this and more must be carefully considered if managers are to get the most out of their people.

Big data tools make this information easier to collect in bulk, but it must then be sorted out, analysed and put into an easily readable format so that the proper action can be taken. Talent MAP organises this data into clean categories, sorts it in terms of importance, and presents it simply in a single location, letting you identify and isolate the key lessons for implementation.

A Custom Dashboard for Your Workplace

Talent MAP is a dynamic centralised database that lets you add or subtract fields to let your organisation focus on specific areas within its talent pool. The most important information, as determined by your key objectives, is displayed visually – letting you oversee and assign talent as necessary.

This highly interactive system consists of scorecard elements presented on a single screen. Its intuitive interface allows for recognition of correlations, trends, outliers and patterns, as well as easy comparison to norms and benchmarks where relevant.

Organisational Intelligence

When you put data directly into the system, you’ll immediately receive analysed data in response – always displayed in a concise, consistent and meaningful way.

Our software can help you identify important connections that may be missed during manual review, potentially pointing you to inefficiencies in management where ROI has been under-utilised. With Talent MAP, you’ll have all the internal workforce information you need to lead a successful team, right at your fingertips.

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