If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will take you there. Competency design lets you establish a clear definition of the personality attributes and qualities required for success in your business environment, acting as a standard compass to guide you through the hiring and development process.

A competency is a set of skills, knowledge, abilities, experience, personality traits and motivators which has predictive value towards an individual effectively performing in a job. A competency framework effectively defines role responsibilities and organizational behaviors according to an ideal strategy.

Proper identification of these key variables lets your business orient its internal direction with confidence. Combining this clarity of vision with consistency in assessment provides an essential grounding in objectivity as you recruit new candidates and identify high potential employees, with a view to promotion and succession planning.

Mapping the Terrain

The needs of any organisation are based on its unique identity as well as its strategy for moving forward. Many businesses lack a detached perspective when determining their own internal priorities, leading to false assumptions about the types of employee characteristics most conducive to success in their field.

Mentis® services allow for seamless development and refinement of your existing competency framework based on a thorough and critical review. Alternatively, we are able to develop an entirely new competency framework for your organisation based on our detailed library of solutions across a range of industries. An assessment matrix will measure the current status of your company and its employees, highlighting the steps necessary to achieve the goals you have selected.

These vital steps, which also incorporate detailed questions about your internal values, facilitate effective decision-making and internal error correction at every stage thereafter.

A Bird’s Eye View of Your Workforce

By establishing a direction for your organisation, employees at all levels can develop a deep understanding of the skills and behaviours that will lead to excellence. This welcome element of clarity lets employees and managers see where they truly are in the organisation, receive appropriate recognition for the progress they make, and motivate themselves to reach well-articulated company goals.

Uniform standards help strengthen an organisation’s internal identity, building a durable corporate culture that includes making sensible hiring decisions based on the appropriate metrics. This new common understanding becomes the foundation for true teamwork, and the multiplier effect on productivity that it enables.

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