The Team

We help you make changes that matter in this continually changing business environment.

Mentis is not just a team of global leaders in talent management, we are a talent tech innovation partner and we enable powerful people networks to succeed using next generation talent technologies. With over 15 years of behavioral knowledge and digital technologies, we help companies overcome the most difficult organizational challenges

Mentis helps organizations in the social, public, and private sectors spark changes that matter. We are a large team of professionals specializing in behavioral science, human resources, management, business, and communication. We have diverse knowledge and experience that we bring to the table when partnering up with our clients. With our hands-on knowledge and cutting-edge digital technologies, we can deliver leadership and guidance through engaging virtual channels..

Reliable Long-Term Partners

We see all of our clients as equals. Our goal is to help your business thrive, not make as much money as possible from you.

We build comfortable and credible relationships with our partners, both in the financial and goal-oriented sense. We urge our partners to hold us accountable for all of our results, commitments, and work quality.

Our People Define Us

We are a global team that operates as one. We bring a coherent set of values through different fields and professions. We are committed to a unified but diverse approach allowing us to work with companies from many different industries.

Our consistent approach to development and recruitment helps us deliver timely services to partners, no matter where they are in the world. We can always adjust to our clients as we know how time constraints play a major factor.

High Standard of Talent Management & Development

At Mentis, we create a perfect balance between HR, technologies, management with a hands-on approach and practical business knowledge. To help your organization reach its full potential, we can identify, manage, and develop your human capital to harness all its power.

Board Members

Andrew Salisbury


Andrew was appointed as the CEO of Mentis in 2017. His background in research, analysis, and empirical evidence has shaped his approach to business and leadership, promoting Mentis’ global strategy and development of trusted partnerships and networks. Shaping our international investment in talent tech influenced by the values and principles of the Agile Manifesto.

Richard Brady

Founder & Executive Chairman

Richard founded Mentis in 2003 and he is our Executive Chairman.  He has 30 years’ expertise in psychometric profiling, leadership development, and he is passionate about enabling clients to build powerful networks of talented people.  Richard has worked with many of the World’s leading companies and advisory firms to support transformation and change programs. He is a licensed business psychologist, a credentialed executive and team coach (ICF) and an entrepreneur and investor in the talent tech industry.

Chris Cracknell

Deputy Chairman

Chris was delighted to join Mentis in 2019 and he is our Deputy Chairman. Chris is a highly experienced and visionary leader with substantial and trusted expertise in leading and pioneering successful new business operations with the B2B environment globally. Proven in strategic, financial, and commercial management, blended with natural people development and relationship skills, he is a hands-on executive who delivers solutions with conviction and passion whilst operating in complex, evolving businesses with changing priorities. He also currently serves as a Non-Executive Director and Advisor to several businesses in Asia and is the Chairman of the British Chamber of Commerce Thailand (BCCT).

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