Training & Certification

Training & Certification

Are you fully focused on implementing useful changes, but your efforts had no success so far? Is your business suffering from a lack of effective collaboration? Are you interested in getting Hogan certified and conducting Hogan feedbacks? If the answers are positive, it’s time to do something about it. Trying to make your organization more effective and collaborative isn’t without its challenges.
It takes both time and effort to overcome these obstacles. However, you can successfully eliminate all resistance by applying the right practices. Our training and certification practices can help you achieve your goals, and so much more. Our training practices are the right way to introduce innovation to your employee networks and improve collaboration. Take your organization to a whole new level and ensure business growth in a timely and effective manner.

What Are Training and Certification?

Regardless of what your business niche is, your entire organization depends on the level of collaboration. It is simply crucial to ensure the maximum performance of both your organization and individual employees and their informal networks in the company.

Mentis Network Academy offers a top-class organizational development course that measures and visualizes individual sentiment and dedication to achieving better performance and higher collaboration levels – Network Centrality Certification.

The course includes four virtual and live workshops, with the main goal of helping each participant improve engagement to allow your business to develop an effective network of powerful professionals. We also offer Hogan certification training courses for those of you who are interested to learn the world-class psychometrics!

Allow your employees to progress, even develop further as coaches. At Mentis, our training courses are recognized internationally and are ICF accredited with CCE credits.

The Benefits of Training and Certification

Training your employees and certifying them as powerful, professional individuals can benefit your organization in many different ways. By undergoing through our training courses, your employees get a chance to:
Take participation at educative events tutored by experts according to the latest industry standards
Learn all about collaboration and identifying informal company networks
Practice teamwork
Learn how to apply skills and knowledge to complete assignments
Get certified for world-class psychometrics
Gain more confidence by receiving CPD accreditation for their efforts
Achieve personal growth and development through training, team consulting, coaching, and feedback

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At Mentis, we’re fully dedicated to helping individuals develop further as professionals. Our training courses can greatly help you reach your collaboration, organizational, and development goals. We provide live tutoring by the most reputable experts in the industry to ensure maximum performance with each event. Finish your training and get Hogan certified. Mentis will help you improve your collaboration efforts.

Contact us today if you have any questions about our training courses, and let us work together to help you get ahead of the competition curve! Go to for more information about our certification courses.

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