Two East Asia based construction firms partnering in mega construction project

A large East Asia mega construction project is underway requiring two independent companies within the construction industry to coordinate and collaborate together over a significant period of time to successfully complete the infrastructure project. 

What was the challenege?

The two different teams had not collaborated together before and so insight was required into the overall effectiveness of the newly formed network’s communication and collaboration. Sentiment analysis conducted as part of the process to understand the participants perceptions of teamwork and collaboration from within the network.  Weak social capital for the network can easily lead to very costly mistakes on both time and money. 

How did you help?

  • A network of 102 people took part in Network Centrality
  • Provided tangible insight into the communication flows within and between the two teams
  • Identified how the two teams are collaborating together
  • Identified how the internal cohesion is developing within each team
  • Measured the network’s perception of teamwork and collaboration
  • Provided insight to senior stakeholders on the developing strength of the network and if there were any vulnerabilities
  • Identified that skeptical sentiment was more concentrated with the individuals more central in the network

How was the outcome?

  • Cohesion within the two teams stronger than collaboration between the two teams
  • Both cohesion and collaboration would be considered weak in a network of this size  
  • Sentiment analysis on the perceptions of the networks collaborative approach was evenly spread between skeptical, mixed and positive
  • The more influential, respected and trusted individuals for their opinions, advice and expertise within the network have a tendency to be more skeptical about collaboration and teamwork within the partnership
  • Counterproductive messaging from the centre of the network could be undermining the attitude and willingness of the network to work closer together and to collaborate more
  • Client able to address the issue of a weakly developing collaboration network early in the partnership ensuring focused, active and successful attempts to strengthen the social capital of the network were made, reducing the risk of expensive errors occurring and time wasted in correcting them


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