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Mentis specialises in world-class assessment, training, coaching and development programs - offering targeted solutions to meet your needs. Our services cover all organisational levels, from designing and delivering graduate development to coaching and advising at CEO and Board level. It’s all about predicting performance and identifying potential. We are a leading provider of development services that can help your business develop the skills needed to run more successfully, more efficiently and more profitably. We offer a range of bespoke services and consultancy which are cost-effective for businesses of all sizes. We bring the skill and expertise needed to interpret assessment results, provide detailed reports and conduct feedback sessions to train and develop your talents.

Assessment & Development

For either selection or development a detailed understanding of ‘where we are’ is essential in determining the best way forward. Whether for individuals or groups, Mentis brings a wealth of expertise and experience to implementing the most effective solution for our clients. Be it through the design of assessment processes, the selection of appropriate instruments or tailoring and customization, Mentis uses state of the art diagnostic tools and techniques to help our clients increase individual and organisational success.

Training & Coaching

Mentis boasts the ability to provide a vast array of off-the-shelf or bespoke training and development services, all delivered by subject matter experts. From the development of high impact leadership and management programs to the accreditation of world class personality profiling tools, Mentis takes great care to ensure that both the content and delivery maximises impact to both the individual and the organisation. We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver thought leadership on a wide range of business critical subjects.

Mentis values long-term client relationships. We believe that with an in-depth understanding of your requirements we can provide meaningful results. Our services are available throughout the UK, Europe and the Middle East and ASEAN regions.

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Live, Learn, Leap, Lead

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Hogan Assessments

Mentis is a proud Hogan Distributor since 2005. We use Hogan’s world-class and powerful science of personality to help you hire the right people, develop talented employees, build great leaders, and impact the bottom line.

Hogan Products

Fueled by the powerful data collected by our assessments, our reports are designed to address your needs, from selection and high-potential identification to executive-level development.

Are you looking to administer, interpret and implement Hogan Assessments?
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Hogan Certification Workshops

07 - 08
Hogan Level 1 Certification – Bangkok
8:30 AM - 5:30 PM
Bangkok, Thailand
14 - 15
Hogan Level 1 Certification – London
8:30 AM - 5:30 PM
London, England
12 - 13
02 - 03
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Our Clients

What People Say

See what our clients have to say about us.


Dr. Felicity Gibling, Chartered Occupational Psychologist

Adept Business Psychology
"I have been impressed with the service provided by Mentis and am grateful for all the support provided to me over the years. The growth of the business around the world is testament to the Mentis professional approach and business model. The responsiveness of staff is excellent in dealing with issues as they arise for clients such as myself, and this helps me greatly in my business when problems are solved quickly. Thank you.”

Ergham Al Bachir – Head of HR & Administration

Waha Capital
"I found Hogan certification 2-days workshop efficiently planned, the material was well summarized and presented. The presentation captured my attention throughout the day, presented in a comprehensive workbook. The exercises and the cases were engaging and fun to learn."

Hareth M. Alsahan – Acting Director, Talent Development

“Mentis provide top notch assessment tools that really enriched talent decisions. They act as partner, they are flexible and supportive and put your needs as their highest priority.”

Paul Williams – Director of Learning & Development

MH Alshaya

"After an extensive search, considering both Middle East and overseas based suppliers, we found Mentis to possess the right combination of experience and flexibility of approach to meet our demanding standards for designing our internal Leadership Development program. Mentis took the time to carry out extensive consultation within the Company before presenting a tailored format that would help us to build leaders capable of delivering the results demanded from our rapidly expanding business. What has really impressed me has been Mentis’ willingness to work with us to evolve the program over the last two years based on detailed feedback from delegates, line managers and sponsors resulting in a highly effective product.“


Jo Easton – HR Director, Supply & India

R Twinings & Co Ltd
"Having worked with the Hogan Personality Inventory and Development Survey for several years, I have appreciated the value and insights these tools bring to both recruitment and development. However, what’s been a real wow factor for me having attended a recent workshop with Mentis, is the synthesis of the three Hogan instruments into one very easy to use Coaching Report. Whether as an aid to recruitment or as stand alone component of development, I have rarely come across more accurate and insightful analysis that is so easy to apply and work with. Richard (Brady) brings the concepts involved in all of these tools to life in such an impactful and memorable way, drawing from his own extensive experience and depth of knowledge interjected with just the right touch of personal disclosure to help surface and explore what can be quite sensitive subject areas. The workshop was not only highly informative and educational but hugely entertaining too – a really great way to learn!"


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