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Founder & Executive Chairman

Richard BradyC Psychol, AFBPsS

Founder & Executive Chairman


Richard Brady’s career reflects a deep commitment to understanding and nurturing human talent. As the Founder and Executive Chairman of Mentis Talent Technologies Pte. Ltd., he leverages his extensive knowledge and practitioner experience in organizational psychology, personality profiling, competency development, and organizational behavior. His work is enhanced by a strong foundation in talent technology, promoting inclusive environments that celebrate diversity and aim to eliminate marginalization.

Richard’s early fascination with psychology was kindled by his mother’s collection of books on Freud and Adler. Overcoming early life trauma, he developed a keen insight into human resilience and the impact of purposeful work. His professional training includes advanced assessment of neurological function and a comprehensive understanding of many different working environments, from offices, factories, farms, laboratories to retail stores.

Richard’s global journey, spanning the Middle East and Southeast Asia over the last twenty years, has enriched his perspective on cultural differences in life philosophy, psychology and talent development. His experience includes consulting with many multinational companies, NGOs, and government organizations. With over three decades in the field, he has become an expert in competency prediction, personality
profiling, and executive assessment. He has led talented teams to supervise more than two million hiring and career advancement evaluations from screening tests to in-depth interviews and simulations with C-Suite candidates.

Earlier in his career, Richard worked as a Rehabilitation Psychologist with the UK’s Department for Work & Pensions and then as a Senior Psychologist with the Ministry of Defence (Navy). His research during this period focused on psychological profiling and training effectiveness and providing certification of Personnel Selection Officers and Board Assessors at the Admiralty Interview Board. Before founding Mentis in
2003, he was a principal psychologist with two consulting firms for over five years.
At Mentis, Richard has been instrumental in pioneering talent technology innovations to benefit clients and partner organizations; challenging Western biases in traditional assessment models and promoting a culturally-inclusive understanding of personality and competency. Academically, he holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of Birmingham and a master’s degree in occupational psychology from Birkbeck, University of London. For the past several years, he was a Doctoral Researcher at Goldsmiths, University of London, and he is
commencing a PhD in Technology Enhanced Learning at the University of Lancaster.
A Chartered Occupational Psychologist, Richard is an Associate Fellow of The British Psychological Society and is registered as a Practitioner Psychologist with the Health & Care Professions Council – the UK equivalent of ‘Board-certified psychologist’. His research interests focus on overcoming workplace trauma, integrating various healing modalities and philosophical teachings. His expertise in mindfulness and compassion-based therapy, enriched by his experience in Asia, informs his integrative approach to organizational psychology. Recognized as a mentor and leadership coach, Richard has been affiliated with several prestigious business schools globally including London Business School, Thunderbird Global School of Management and IMD. He is known for his ethical and culturally sensitive applications of competency-based learning and growth; supported by technology. As a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, his contributions extend beyond his profession, demonstrating his commitment as a compassionate innovator and mentor.
Skills: Organizational Psychology | Talent Management Technology | Competency
Based Learning & Development | Executive Coaching & Mentoring | Psychological
Profiling | Multi-Source Feedback| Cross-Cultural Consultation | Trauma-Informed
Practices | Mindfulness and Compassion | Technological Innovation in People


Chief Executive Officer

Andrew Salisbury

Chief Executive


Andrew Salisbury is happiest when he is broadening his knowledge of the world and interacting with new perspectives. Training and imparting knowledge through our courses, he frequently travels to meet with our colleagues, partners and clients from across the globe, attending and speaking at industry-leading conferences and events. 

Expanding the reach of our Mentis message from the UK into Europe, MENA and APAC, Andrew has sought opportunity and benefit from working with an exceptionally talented team of business partners and colleagues. Through this collaboration we have fostered and promoted exceptional experiences of partnership that allow people to work better together.

Mentis is a pioneering organization that provides solutions to enhance collaboration and trust amongst colleagues, partners, and customers. By enabling organizations to cultivate more rewarding interactions between individuals, the potential of our people networks is both unlocked and better understood. 

With a strong scientific background in research, analysis and empirical evidence, Andrew is dedicated to developing new technology to address these areas and guide our powerful people networks worldwide, removing some of the mystery that engulfs it. The entrepreneurial spirit that exists within Mentis helps our team achieve this with superior interfaces and interactive user experiences. 

Subsequently, Mentis and Andrew are committed to recognizing the UN Sustainable Development Goal 8: ‘Decent work and economic growth’. Championing a climate where Mentis’ team passionately support the success of sustainable business for all.

Andrew is proud to be from the Wirral in the North of England. He has been based in the Middle East and Asia for over a decade, broadening his understanding on global business perspectives. 

He has four wonderful young daughters who have stolen his heart as well as his sleep. 

Whilst he tries to pretend he can still run around in a competitive way, his focus has shifted to golf and shuffling across a 5-a-side pitch, after some enthusiastic amateur-level hockey and football in younger years

Delel Chaabouni

Digital Strategy Advisor

Delel Chaabouni

Digital Strategy Advisor


With 25+ years’ experience, I successfully delivered turnaround strategies, international business transformation, IT implementation, and digital programs in multiple industries.In parallel to my coaching, I advise C-Level Executives and their leadership teams on digital strategies and transformation programs including having the right operating model, partnerships, culture and the right technology investments. My current and previous experiences include working with global names such as PepsiCo, Gartner, Hewlett Packard, KPMG and the Dubai World Trade Center. I am a very passionate Executive and Team coach certified by the International Coaching Federation, Academy of Executive Coaching, HOGAN and ORSC Organization Relationship Systems Coaching (CRR Global).

I coached many Executives from director levels to senior vice presidents as well as diverse leadership teams in understanding business needs and contexts, developing their leadership and influential skills, managing end to end strategic initiatives, creating a high-performance, coaching and mentoring cultures, and delivering successful holistic and tailored frameworks, programs and projects within their areas of responsibility.I am also a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) advocate for women and youth, I created the first Million Women Mentor Chapter in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and have been a member of the Emirates Government Foundation Think Science Program Advisory Committee which aims to support, encourage and empower the youth of UAE to embrace a future in science. I hold a Master’s degree in Computer Science from the University of Karlsruhe in Germany, as well as an MBA from Germany’s Exportakademie Reutlingen.


Solution Consultant

Sherwin Soriano

Solution Consultant


“’If you’re competitor focused, you have to wait until there is a competitor doing something. Being customer-focused allows you to be more pioneering.’ is a quote from Jeff Bezos. I believe in the importance of developing innovative tools to providing excellence for our customers.”
Sherwin is a Solution Consultant at Mentis.
Prior to his current role, he gained significant international experience in different sectors as Project Delivery Manager in ensuring timely and smooth execution of deliverables.  His professionalism and rich background in customer service led him to manage a team who handles client relationship and customer experience.
Today, driven by a mission as a pioneer in the People/Organisational Network space, Sherwin is a Solution Consultant at Mentis. He lives his passion to proving world class experience and the introduction of finest tools when supporting customer. His recent work has been focusing on helping expanding partners and retaining clients by enabling powerful networks and with psychometric approaches which is an evidence-based and ethical approach – driven by research, data science and technology.
He has a degree in Computer Science in Business Administration and currently lives and work in United Arab Emirates. Sherwin loves to ride his bike to visit different places. He is also fond of playing ball games in his past time.

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