European based Regional Bank and Building Society: Monitoring a significant change initiative

What was the challenege?

The organization recently relocated various HR functional teams from local offices into their centralized HQ to streamline workflow processes. The organization wanted to know if the relocation initiative was having the desired positive impact on the workflow processes, fostered through improved communication and collaboration the new proximity should facilitate.

How did you help?

  • Network Centrality used to analyse the network of 36 participants within the HR functional teams
  • Focused on the communication and collaboration networks within the teams.
  • Identified that one of the HR teams was not integrating into the new network and remained isolated with a silo effect
  • The other teams had started to integrate well.
  • Identified one very key member of the network that linked the fragmented team to the other teams and who was vital for the linkage between the two. Without this person the fragmented HR team would be nearly completely isolated.

How was the outcome?

  • Increased intentional networking activities.
  • Greater support to the key individual linking the isolated HR team to reduce the risk of network failure for the organization.
  • Introduction of monthly workshops with the key people of the HR teams to share and discuss successes and issues, to support each other and to ensure that individuals were thinking and working cross-functionally, subsequently helping prevent silos reemerging between the teams.
Mentis Editor

Mentis Editor